Dental Tips

What next after a broken tooth?

What to do After Breaking your Front Tooth

Accidents happen. Crisis strikes without warning. Sometimes accidents happen and they lead to a cracked or a broken front teeth. Thanks to their position in front of the mouth, front teeth and more susceptible to injuries and accidents.

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new doctor’s guideline for raising socially active and connected kids.

New Guidelines for Raising Connected Kids

I count myself lucky to have grown in an era where technology hadn’t encroached into our lives. I grew up in an era where the only games we played were the basketball games in the neighborhood and maybe hide and seek with a couple of friends.

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Chocolate is Good or Bad

Is Chocolate Bad for Your Teeth?

Is chocolate bad for your teeth? This is a common question that people ask dentists every single time that they visit their offices because there seems to exist a conundrum on whether chocolate is healthy or unhealthy.

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What Type of Dentist Do I Need for Dental Braces?

What Type Of Dentist Handles Braces?

The field of dentistry is wider than most people actually think. To many, a dentist is someone trained to treat teeth and offer professional advice on how to keep our teeth clean and safe from infections.

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