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10 Reasons Why Flossing Is Extremely Important

Why Dental Experts says to Floss Regularly?

Think you are safe from dental illnesses because you brush every day? Well, think again! However much you try to bush your teeth there are areas where the toothbrush’s bristles will simply not reach and this is essentially where the problem.

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10 Reasons All Tooth Stains Are Not Created Equally

Why All Tooth Stains Are Not Created Equally?

In a world where people judge you from the quality of your selfies, teeth discoloration can be a very big bother. It is a very common problem plaguing people in America

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Top 10 Reasons To Opt For Cosmetic Dentistry

Why you should choose for cosmetic dentistry?

For a very long time, cosmetic dentistry was considered as something for the celebrities and the rich guys from Hollywood. Thanks to more market players coming into the cosmetic industry,

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How Your Teeth Affect Your Digestive System?

Why Missing Teeth Adversely Affect Digestion of Food?

Digestion is a very complex process which begins right from the moment you put food into the mouth and only ends once all the nutrients and water has been absorbed into the system.

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The Fluoride Conundrum: Is Fluoride Safe For Kids?

Is Fluoride Bad for Toddlers ?

There has always been a conundrum on Fluoride toothpastes when it comes to use by small children and toddler. Even through every dentist advises you to always make sure that you clean your child’s teeth regularly

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