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Drill-less Dentistry

When will Drill-less Dentistry Become a Reality?

If there is anything that dental patients dread, it is the sound of a drill eating into their teeth. The burning smell and sound of a dentist’s drill not only reminds a patient of tooth pain but makes them hate tooth treatment at large.  

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Fear of the dentist

Have a Fear of going to the Dentist?

Many people have a fear of going to the dentist for one reason or another. It could be the sound of the drilling that’s edged in their minds that’s associated with the pain. This can cause an overwhelming anticipation for some dental patients.

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A Guide to Common Dental Problems

What Is the Most Common Dental Problems and How to prevent them?

We have all suffered from a dental problem at least once in our lives. If we have not, then we know someone who has struggled with dental problems in their life. Dental problems are very common especially nowadays.

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Right Toothpaste For Your Teeth

What I Need to Know When I am Buying Toothpastes

Every single morning, we all brush our teeth before leaving for work or school. Brushing teeth is almost part of life and shopping for toothpaste becomes more of a norm- this is something that we have to do every single. Have you ever taken time to think about the ingredients contained in the toothpaste?

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What's Causing Your Jaw Pain?

What’s Causing Your Jaw Pain?

One common dental problem that is very prevalent especially in America but goes unreported most of the time, is jaw pain. Statistics show that over 5 million people suffered from acute jaw pains in 2015 alone but only a million reported their cases to the hospitals.

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