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Will Dentist Remove Tonsil Stones – Dentist in Spring Texas

Will Dentist Remove Tonsil Stones – Dentist in Spring Texas

What Are Tonsil Stones?

Tonsils are two glands located at the back of one’s mouth that help the immune system by sifting viruses and bacteria moving towards the body via the mouth. The two glands are covered in mucous and have pits along the linings. The number pits and groves vary from person to person, meaning the more the pits the vulnerable one is to contract the tonsil stones.  Bacteria, food particles and other debris could get stuck in the pits. If it stays, the debris in the pits solidifies and hardens turning into tonsil stones. If you regularly feel pain or irritation in your tonsils, tonsil stones could be the reason behind it. Apart from the pain, tonsil stones come with bad breathe caused by the bacteria breeding on the stones. You could also feel as if you have something stuck in your guts which can be irritating. The stones are also visible to the naked eye by use of a mirror in which they look like moulded prunes with cracks where the bacteria hide. Mostly, the stones are white, grey or yellow but placed behind the tonsil. 

Tonsils can be annoying and very difficult to deal with as one tends to cough up stinky and nasty balls of white matter. Some people even try to remove these stones themselves by coughing their souls out or inserting objects, but it hardly is successful. If you are suffering from this, you are likely in a dilemma on whether to head to the dental clinic or the doctor. While dentists don’t often treat tonsil stones, they mostly discover them on patients while handling other oral issues. In most cases, after the discovery of tonsil stones, a dentist will refer you to a doctor specifically a throat doctor who specializes in the removal of tonsil stones.

What Will The Dentist Do?

You should be in a position to understand that your dentist does not specialize in cases such as the removal of tonsil stones. He or she will first recommend the gargling of salt water to help get rid of the irritation that comes with the build-up of tonsil stones. The traditional method of gargling salt water helps with various throat issues and tonsillitis. Your dentist may take a look at the tonsil stones and decide to use a swab to sweep off the stones. It works if the tonsil stones are not too accumulated and built up. Some dentists may recommend the use of antibiotics, although the method is not highly recommended. The latter method may lead to the abuse of antibiotics which may bring in high resistance to the antibiotics. Sometimes, these tonsil stones tend to go away on their own as the immune system improves.

Most of the tonsil stones can be self- eradicated using non-complicated tools such as the use of cotton swabs, coughing, mouthwash, gargling hydrogen peroxide, using a brush to clean the back of the teeth among other home remedies.

When Do You Go To The Dentist For Tonsil Stones Removal?

Larger tonsil stones are harder to remove hence calling for the need of a medical professional. A dentist can dislodge the stones using a tool while the patient is anaesthetized. The procedure is only carried out if the dentist is confident he or she can handle the procedure without causing any spillover effects. Your dentist will analyze the condition of the stones before proceeding.

If a patient suffers from regular tonsillitis, the doctor will recommend the surgical removal of the stones and adenoids known as tonsillectomy. The procedure is best preferred for children and not adults. Most doctors will prescribe antibiotics to adults instead of tonsillectomy. Pharmacists have come up with drugs that help eradicate tonsil stones without the need of undergoing surgery. Your dentist could prescribe any of the medicines that will even help you combat the bad breathe resulting from the tonsil stones.

Also, you need to see a dentist if the tonsil stones are too broad to be removed through self-medicated ways. Apart from the dentist, a nose, ear or throat doctor can help you take out the tonsil stones.


Tonsil stones can be prevented by maintaining high hygiene standards which include; frequent brushing and flossing, brushing the tongue, cleaning the throat and mouth as they all minimize the build-up of mucus and bacteria as well as food particles.

Who Is More Vulnerable?

Tonsil stones often occur in teenagers because the tonsils tend to be huger in young people as they give support to a growing immune system. As one age, the tonsils shrink which cannot accommodate the build-up of tonsil stones. It is important to keep encouraging your young ones to maintain high oral hygiene standards and also check in at out Vita Dental clinic for tonsil stones removal if they become too much of a nuisance.

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Why Do Orthodontists Put Spacers In? Dentist in Spring, Texas

Why Do Orthodontists Put Spacers In? Dentist in Spring, Texas

There are several requirements for installing and fitting braces onto teeth. One of these requirements is that there should be ample space between the back molars. It is because braces tend to move the back teeth more snugly against each other. Without enough space, this would cause a lot of pain and discomfort and would lead to worse problems such as an uneven bite.

To prevent this problem, your orthodontist will use spacers – also called separators – to create the required space. Following is an insight into the process, its importance, and other related issues.

What are Spacers?

Spacers are orthodontic accessories that are placed between teeth to create enough room for braces to be fitted. They come in two types: rubber spacers and metal spacers. The model installed depends on factors such as the amount of space between the teeth, and it is your orthodontist who will choose which model fits best.

How are Spacers Installed?

The manner in which spacers are installed primarily depends on their type – that is, whether they are made of rubber or metal.

For rubber spacers, the orthodontist will use flossing string to get them in space. The flossing line will be run through the rubber bands and pulled to stretch them thin – this makes them thin enough to fit in between the teeth easily. Once fitted in place, the orthodontist will then take out the flossing string and leave the rubber bands to stretch to their original diameter, hence providing enough force to create space between the teeth gradually.

Installation of metal spacers is a much more complicated procedure. The orthodontist will use special tools to create enough space between teeth to produce enough room for installation of these spacers. This process may be uncomfortable and even painful as metallic spacers are not elastic, and as such, will not give you enough time to adapt to the changes.

Installation is quite quick and straightforward albeit it may be uncomfortable and even painful.

Complications Associated with Spacers

Spacers may be necessary for creating room for braces and laying the groundwork for better oral health, but they also come with various difficulties. Some of the most common complications are:

  • Swelling and Irritation

Spacers will snuggle gently against your gums when fitted into place. This contact with gums will often cause irritation that is usually accompanied by swelling and numbness. It, however, only lasts for several hours or one to two days after installation, depending on how sensitive your mouth is.

  • Pain and Discomfort

Teeth are rigid, and moving them even by the slighted degree may cause some pain and discomfort. Considering that spacers are constantly pushing against your teeth to create considerable space, then you are guaranteed to feel some discomfort and even some pain. The pain will kick in during the installation procedure and may linger for several days after the initial installation.

  • Bleeding

In some cases, the gums may undergo so much pressure that they start bleeding after the installation of spacers. It usually happens when the teeth are set too close together and if your mouth is too sensitive for such an invasive procedure.

Caring for Your Teeth and Spacers 

Spacers are foreign accessories that need constant care and maintenance not only to ensure that they are effective but also to minimize pain and discomfort. Some adequate care and maintenance tips as recommended by orthodontists include:

  • Making Ice Cream and Cold Drinks

Cold is a numbing agent that has been used to suppress pain for centuries. As such, your orthodontist may recommend taking cold drinks and eating ice cream every once in a while.

  • Eating Soft Foods

Spacers may feel tight and firm, but they can quickly come off when nudged repeatedly. As such, it is recommended to not disturb them either with your tongue or food. To this end, you should observe a diet mostly composed of soft foods for the period during which the spacers are in place. It will prevent further discomfort and ensure that the spacers stay firmly in place.

  • Brushing Regularly

You will need to brush your teeth as usual but with more exceptional care to avoid dislodging these spacers. As such, brush your teeth using toothbrush featuring soft bristles. Brush gently and prevent flossing as this will interfere with the spacers.

Need Spacers? Visit Vita Dental

Are you in need of spacers? Do you live in or around Spring, Texas? If so, then visit Vita Dental for unmatched care. Our orthodontists have vast experience installing spacers, braces, and other accessories that are necessary for oral health. We install spacers using the latest technology to ensure minimal pain and discomfort.

Our offices are open all week long, and our customer care agents are always available online and via phone. As such, feel free to get in touch to learn more about our services and hopefully book an appointment.

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Why Spring Texas Vita Dentist is the Best for Dental Implant

Why Spring Texas Vita Dentist is the Best for Dental Implant

Dental Implants have been in the mouth of many when debating tooth restoration options. The popularity of dental implants has improved greatly over the last couple of decades owing to the fact that they are the most efficient tooth replacement option. They feel and function like any ordinary tooth thus fully restoring one’s oral functions. The fact that dental implants, also, protect the other adjacent teeth from damage is another reason why it is worth considering.

While dental implants truly come with the mentioned benefits, it takes the hands of qualified dental implant specialists to make one realize them. If dental implants are not fitted properly, they may fail. Vita Dental in Spring, Texas is the best dental facility for dental implants. We have been in existence for many years offering dental solutions of high quality to our patients. Getting dental implants is a good thing, but it is, also, important to consider where you are getting the implant from. Here are the reasons why you should get your dental implant with us.

1.    Experienced

For a dental implant procedure to be completely successfully without any hitches, it requires dentists with experience and high level of professionalism. That is exactly what we offer here. Our implant specialists have handled numerous cases of dental implants before and know what is expected of them when you visit us. You can always trust us to offer you excellent and quality services that will leave you fully satisfied.

2.    Vita dental has a team dentists who are certified and licensed

The best services can only be offered by certified and qualified professionals. That is what you will find with us at Vita Dental. Our dental implant specialists have been certified and have operating licenses from dental bodies in charge of offering licenses. Thus, you can be sure that you will be served by dental implants specialists who are recognized by the authorities and who uphold high levels of professionalism when they serve you.

3.    Our facility is well-equipped

The best dental services can only be offered if the most effective equipment is available to use. Dental implant procedures are on the list of major surgeries meaning that the procedure’s success is dependent on the availability of sophisticated dental equipment manufactured with the latest technology. Vita Dental has invested in the latest and most sophisticated equipment to ensure that the procedures go as smoothly as possible. Also, the equipment makes the procedures relatively short and much easier for our specialists. This allows them to treat and release you fast.

4.    Vita Dental has a proven track record

Another good reason why you should choose us is that our record speaks for itself. Looking at the history of all dental implant procedures we have performed, there is not a single case recorded of a botched surgery. Our results only portray excellence. We are the best because we offer the best services. Our track record should provide with a strong ground to trust us for your implant treatment.

5.    Our reputation is impressive

You can gauge the quality of our services based on the comments and reviews of our facility from our previous patients. The reviews will show you that our clients are always satisfied when they get treatment from us. In fact, most of our new clients are people who have been referred to us by our previous clients. This shows you that you can trust us too to provide you with quality treatment.

6.    Friendly staff and customer service

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all our clients receive the best care possible when they come to us. When you get to our facility, you will be welcomed by members of our staff who are very friendly and always ready to provide you with assistance. They will guide you through your stay until you are attended to.

Our customer service team is, also, one we value a lot. They are always ready to pick your calls, help you book appointments and provide you with all the information that you need. You can always trust that there will be someone to respond to your call, text or email on time to offer you any information about us that you might need.

7.    Our rates are fair

Dental implants are quite costly given that they offer a permanent solution and they come with a good number of benefits compared to other methods of tooth replacement. However, we do understand the need for offering affordable services and, thus, we provide our clients with competitive rates. You are guaranteed to get value for your money with our fair rates.

When considering a dental facility, the main aspects that one should focus on are the quality they will get, the professionalism to expect, the quality of service and treatment, affordable rates and great overall experience. These are exactly what you can expect from us. Your teeth are too precious, and you deserve the best care to make sure they stay healthy. Vita Dental is the place to visit for the best dental implant treatment.

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10 best dentist in Spring Texas who are open on weekends

10 best dentist in Spring Texas who are open on weekends

Dental issues are not always predictable. For example, you may crack a tooth, or your dental implant might fail on the weekend. If your dentist does not work on the weekends, this can be a major challenge. Waiting until he or she gets back to the office may not work. However, numerous dental practices operate on weekends. Here they are:

Vita Dental

Vita Dental is a family-friendly practice, which offers quality dental care. Whether you need a teeth whitening or a tooth extraction, you can get it with ease. The staff has been well-trained to help reduce any anxiety that you might suffer. They utilize the latest technology, and the staff is always trained on how to use this technology. Whether your teeth need braces or you need a checkup, you do not have to sacrifice any working day. This dental practice is open on the weekends, which lets you have flexibility in setting up a dental appointment.

Greenspoint Dental

Greenspoint Dental has been offering cosmetic, restorative, and general services since 1997. To be able to serve the diverse community of Houston, the staff is fluent in French, Spanish, and English. If you even need your teeth checked out on the weekend, this practice is perfect for you. There is no need for you to wait until Monday just to have your chipped tooth checked out. They have the latest equipment and well-trained staff to ensure that your needs are met any day of the week.

Montrose Advanced Dentistry

Montrose Advanced Dentistry offers personalized dental care for thousands of families in the Spring area of Texas. Patients at this dental practice always receive individualized and warm care during their visit. The practice has a wide range of services that it offers, which are assisted by modern technology. The technologies they use allow them to detect dental issues at early stages and provide the necessary treatment. If you ever require a weekend appointment, this dental practice will be there for you.

Signature Smiles

Signature Smiles was created on the idea of meeting the needs of every patient. Thus, they created a dental practice that can meet every need a dental patient may have. Where you need braces, orthodontistry service, general dentistry and much more, they are here for you. Best of all, these services are offered even on weekends.

Element Dental

Element Dental is happy to serve the residents of Spring, TX. They utilize only the best technology and experts to offer you dental care services. Over the years, this practice has gained a reputation for offering great services in a welcoming and friendly environment. Whether you are a kid or an elderly person, this practice is more than ready to meet your needs. Best of all, the dental services are offered on any day of the week.

Bella Dental

At Bella Dental, they are committed to giving you the respect and compassion that you deserve. They believe that comprehensive care addresses both long and short-term dental needs. They have a team of professionals, who are highly skilled to deal with any issues. If you need teeth whitened or a porcelain crown, you can access their services on any day of the weekend.

Charm Dental

At Charm Dental, the patient is the focus. They also have exemplary emergency services for when a nasty accident occurs. For instance, it can be quite easy to break a tooth, especially if you are into contact sports. In such a case, the experts at this practice strive to ensure that whether it is on the weekend or any other day your suffering is alleviated.

Grand Trails Dental

Grand Trials Dental is a family-oriented comprehensive dentistry practice in Spring, Texas. The skilled dentists at this practice strive to help patients feel at home. You will always find the help you need, no matter how complex your case might be. You are welcome to call and make an appointment if you live in Spring, TX or nearby areas. They offer their services even on weekends.


Dentalpolis is all about family. They know that having a great smile in Spring is important. Thus, they provide great cosmetic dental services. Whether it is the weekend or in the middle of the week, they can correct your smile using the best technology available to dentistry.

Texas Genital Dental

Gentle Dental offer their services to all residents within Spring TX. If you need a professional dentist to fix your smile, whiten your teeth, or even be treated for TMJ, you will find this practice useful. They are always looking for new cutting-edge technology to help you with your dental needs. During treatment, they will also take into account your budget. They have a wide array of finance options that can help you get the kind of treatment you need.

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How to Find Great Local Dentist that accepts Your Insurance?

Finding a good local dentist near you that accepts your insurance can be a very difficult task especially if you are new in an area. It is especially very difficult to find a good dentist that offers all the services you need and accepts your insurance.

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