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Can children get dental implants?

Should Children Get Dental Implants?

Children tend to have accidents, and the possibilities of losing a tooth are generally higher. Most parents are left looking for solutions to replace missing teeth. The main question here being, “Can children get dental implants?”.

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The Fluoride Conundrum: Is Fluoride Safe For Kids?

Is Fluoride Bad for Toddlers ?

There has always been a conundrum on Fluoride toothpastes when it comes to use by small children and toddler. Even through every dentist advises you to always make sure that you clean your child’s teeth regularly

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How to Educate your Child about Dental Braces

How To Help Your Kids Enjoy Braces?

Dental problems are better dealt with when they are detected from an early age. This is why a lot of children end up with dental braces and other forms of orthodontic treatment from an early age to try

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new doctor’s guideline for raising socially active and connected kids.

New Guidelines for Raising Connected Kids

I count myself lucky to have grown in an era where technology hadn’t encroached into our lives. I grew up in an era where the only games we played were the basketball games in the neighborhood and maybe hide and seek with a couple of friends.

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Find a Pediatric Dentist

How to Find Kids Dentist Near Me?

If you care about your kids, then it is important to ensure that they have good oral health right from a young age. The reason why most people end up suffering from dental complications later on in life, is because their parents took their oral and dental health for granted from when they were young.

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