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Maintain Oral Hygiene of Pregnant Mothers

How to Maintain Oral Hygiene of Pregnant Mothers?

The last thing you expect a pregnant mother to be worried about is their dental health. They are too busy fighting cravings and organizing baby showers to be thinking about their dental health.

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Affect of Diabetes on Oral health

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Oral Health?

Diabetes is a very serious illness affecting over 29 million Americans. Thanks to the sedentary lifestyles and the love we have for junk food, the numbers will only keep rising.

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Tips to Encourage Bruh Thier Teeth

How To Get Someone to Brush Their Teeth?

Refreshing and simple as brushing of teeth is, some people just can’t take time out to brush their teeth. Such people require constant pestering and reminding for them to pick up a brush and brush their teeth which comes as a surprise to many.

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Smoking Side effect

Does The Smoking Really Affect Teeth?

Most people in the world are addicted to smoking. In some cultures, smoking is a way of life and people don’t seem to care about the detriments that accompany the norm.

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