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Remember 5 Point when you are Choosing the Right Braces

Without the right guidance and advice from your dentist or orthodontist, choosing the right dental braces can be quite the task. Newbies and first time patients especially, find it hard to settle on the right braces suited for their problems. It doesn’t take a genius however, to choose the right braces for your problem. It […]

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Are Braces considered Medically Necessary?

I don’t want to call it a misconception per se, but there is a general belief that anyone with malocclusion needs braces as a medical necessity. This is a common belief especially among American parents who are almost made to believe that braces are a medical necessity if their kids have crooked, overcrowded or teeth […]

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Insurance Option for Orthodontic Treatment

I have said it time and again that if you have bad bite or crooked teeth, braces should not be an option to you. You need to immediately consult your orthodontist if you think that you are suffering from any form of malocclusion. Dental braces will not just help you achieve a good looking set […]

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Which Braces do i Need?

Some of us are lucky enough to have been born with a perfect set of teeth. Others are not as lucky and are born as numerous orthodontic problems and malocclusions that affect their lives in many ways. Others are born with a more or less perfect set of teeth but accidents and illnesses result in […]

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Who has Dental Braces in One Direction?

The amount of hate that braces get on tabloids and blogs is unmerited and undue. Yes, braces are not the most comfortable devices to walk around with. They get in the way of smooches and can cause some degree of pain. They can make you shy away from smiling at the cameras and make you […]

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Which Braces Delivers the Fastest Results?

When looking for the best treatment for your orthodontic problem, you want an effective solution coming at an affordable price and corrects the situation as quickly as possible. Orthodontic treatment can take significant amounts of time before the desired results can be achieved. Some options are however faster than others. Braces are the most common […]

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Although braces are almost the most effective treatment for most cases of malocclusion, they are not always the best option. There are cases when braces are not recommended and today we want to highlight some of those scenarios when braces are not recommended at all.

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Does Medicaid Actually Cover Braces?

At Vita Dental, we often get questions about Medicaid as a payment for braces. Many people ask about the types of braces and the people eligible to get braces courtesy of Medicaid. Today, we want to explain the eligibility of Medicaid in our orthodontic treatment and expound on the types of braces that Medicaid covers.

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What is the Appropriate Time To Remove Braces?

A common question that our orthodontists and dentists here at Vita Dental keep getting from our clients with braces is “Are my braces ready to come off?” So common is the question that we have listed it as a frequently asked question on our blog to help our patients understand the timing and dynamics that […]

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Why Braces Are Better Than Invisalign?

When it comes to the best treatment to straighten misaligned teeth, the argument is pretty much braces versus invisalign. Although there are other treatment options available, the two are not only the most dominant forces in the market but the most effective as well. The debate rages on however most of the time on which […]

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