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Modern technology has enabled the use of various types of medical equipment that facilitates treatment planning and evaluation. Ceph or Cephalometric X-ray is a diagnostic radiograph that helps in diagnosing dental diseases and dental treatment planning. It provides the image of the skull and internal airways that can help in the treatment. It also provides precise and accurate measurements of the scanned areas. Ceph X-rays do not consume a lot of time compared to conventional methods. Vita Dental in Houston, TX uses Ceph and other technologies that enable them to provide better orthodontic treatments and placing of dental implants for patients.

Process of Taking Ceph X-Ray

Having Ceph X-rays done is a painless process whose results can be shared via computer. The patient is made to wear a lead apron that helps to protect them from the radiation of the process. The dentist positions the patient into the X-ray machine, which captures the image of the teeth and the surrounding bones. It is a process that takes less than ten seconds. The X-ray image can be obtained in ten minutes.

How Does Ceph X-Ray Help in Orthodontic Treatment?

Ceph X-rays help the orthodontist and other specialists to understand the changes that are made by the orthodontic treatment. The ceph X-ray taken before the treatment is referred to as preliminary steps. It helps in planning the treatment for the patients according to their dental condition. A middle ceph X-ray is then taken during the treatment, which helps to analyze the progress of the treatment. After the treatment, a final Ceph X-ray is taken, which can be compared to the preliminary Ceph X-ray to accurately assess and better understand the changes caused by the treatment. 

How Does Ceph X-Ray Help in the Placing of Dental Implants?

Ceph X-rays help in the analysis and estimating of the location and the dimensions required for the dental implants. The path of the implant placement can be identified through the ceph X-ray. It also provides vital information regarding the anatomical structures of the patient. The specific measurements provided aid in the planning of the implant orientation. Ceph X-rays also help in the evaluation of the healing and the integration of the implants. 

Vita Dental, located in Katy, TX, is equipped with ceph X-rays and other equipment that help in better treatment planning. CallDentist in Katy at (713) 766-1208 and book an appointment with our expert dentists for a complete dental checkup.


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